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St. John's Wort 300 Pure

St. John's Wort 300 Pure

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Product description

Herbal preparation

St John's wort is the plant species Hypericum perforatum, and is also known as Tipton's weed, chase-devil, or Klamath weed.
This plant is found in most of Asia and Europe, and has been introduced in other countries.
It grows along the dirt roads, verges of the forest and fields.
The St. John's Wort is a perennial herb and is known for its positive influence on good mental balance.
The St. John's Wort has elongated leaves in egg-form and bright yellow colored flowers from May to August.
The leaves and flower petals contain small oil glands, which are small holes.
Bruising the leaves and flowers of St. John's Wort releases oil, causing rust spots on the leaves and on the hands of the pickers.
The stems are rigid and vary in length from 20 to 100 cm.
The name of St. John's Wort is the day of harvest, on June 24.
It is the day of the feast of Saint John the Baptist, the day when the sun is at its highest point, and the time when the vegetable substances of the plant reach their maximum power.
The St. John's Wort has a protective effect on open and vulnerable personalities, creating inner harmony.

St.John's Wort:

  • Supports a good mood
  • Excellent against too large and / or frequent mood swings, perfect in case of ups and downs
  • In a period of great efforts or exciting times
  • Calms
  • Perfectly with ups and downs

Contents: 60 capsules.

Main ingredient: per capsule 300 mg of Hypericum perforatum L.

Ingrediente: vegetarian capsule. 

PURE:no fillers or additives.

Dosage: 1-3 capsules per day.

Minimum intake: we recommend 2 months, 60 capsules are enough for about 30 days.

Absolutely free of: yeast, lactose, sugar, preservatives, synthetic colors, flavors and fragrances.

Through the power of the St. John's Wort it is recommended first to read the interaction with other prescribed medications. Therefore, it is better not to use St.Joh's Wort with antidepressants.
It may also, inter alia, reduce the effect of the contraceptive pill.

Talk to your doctor / pharmacist / thrombosis service before using this product or stopping using this product.
Suitable for vegetarians.

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