Supply Conditions

1. Ordered goods will be sent as soon as possible after receiving payment.

2. If any damage of the package is noticed, like torn packing, do not accept the package.
Additional costs are for the carrier.
Please send an additional e-mail to:

3. Removal of the cellophane of the package means purchase obligation! 
To return the package is no longer possible.

4. The cost of returning bought goods without damage are for the customer, € 30,- will also be calculated as administrative costs.

5. Super Nature Products cannot be taken responsible for any disadvantage experienced due to exceeding the daily recommended doses.

6. Super Nature products cannot be taken responsible in case of a certain allergy to one of the ingredients.
One must take this into account and in case of doubt we advise you to contact your general practitioner.

7. In case of taking medicines it is best to consult your general practitioner concerning the possible interaction between those medicines with our natural food supplements.


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