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Welcome to the website of SUPER NATURE PRODUCTS bio - energetic, orthomolecular food supplements!

We proudly present to you our label wherein we offer you, being the first worldwide, bio-energetic orthomolecular food supplements.
We offer the consumers, who are conscious of their health, an entirely new form of supplements to improve and optimize their health in a totally innovating way.
The quality and the purity of raw materials (BIO Quality), and the energetic functions of the products are the most important concern for Super Nature Products.

How is the presentation of Super Nature Products food supplements?

The presentation of Super Nature Products’ bio-energetic orthomolecular food supplements consists into two groups, first the packages and second the products.

a) The packages nr 1, 2, 3 and 4, of which the ingredients obtain an optimal result by being perfectly balanced and synergetic.
The strong therapeutic value of each package is already famous and known by many people.
It's use however is best in treatment form and always for a certain period, it is the personal situation of the person who is determinative for the time that the treatment is required.
For new visitors of this website, ask for the testimonials.

b) The products: each product of the 4 packages can also be purchased individually..
Moreover a wide range of high quality products are available, because to present a full range is the biggest concern of Super Nature Products.

What is the purpose of the packages?

The designing of Super Nature Products bio-energetic orthomolecular food supplements is very special and unusual.
Indeed all the ingredients used in each package have been carefully selected to ensure optimum results through their mutual inter-action.
So the phenomenal obtained results are rather very normal and logical.
Among many applications, here some examples:

The SNP Package 1, SNP Package 2 and/or SNP Package 3 are highly recommended in the case of fatigue, such as in the spring for example, each package helps to restore the vitality, gives more energy, strengthens the vitality, has a beneficially influence on general health, strengthens  the maintenance of health, improves memory, has a positive influence on the resistance, ensures the normalization of all kind of body functions, enhances body's resistance, supports the immune system of the cells in the body, stimulates the immune system, promotes metabolism and has a beneficial influence on blood circulation.
The SNP Packages 1, 2 and 3 also protect against aging, increase vitality, maintain youth and youthful appearance and protects body cells.
Also recommend to athletes for whom more energy improves their athletic performance, and to the persons in case of excessive nervousness, for better concentration for the students, to the theater artists which have stage fright.

A person who is already taking the SNP Package 1, 2 or 3, can also take the SNP Package 4 to obtain or maintain flexible joints, to preserve healthy cartilage in the joints, to maintain strong bones also during periods of great need in extra calcium such as menopause.

To who are Super Nature Products’ products recommended?

The conception of all products of Super Nature Products is very special and original by approaching the consumer aware of the great value of a good health in a completely innovative way, presenting the food supplements as a complement to who shouldn’t eat enough of the beneficial foods according to his blood type.
This need presents a huge range of possibilities from the innocent moment of "not-necessary-yet" to the alarming point of "urgent-large-need".
Specialists in this matter such as doctors and therapists are too aware of all kind of these different possible situations.
Many people preferred already to continue to enjoy the benefits of the products of Super Nature Products only by simple personal conviction.
If you want to understand and learn more, please ask for the experiences, many people were released of their suffering, even in supposedly hopeless situations.
More extensive explanations about these experiences can be obtained by writing to info@supernatureproducts.com

What kind of products is available with Super Nature Products?

The product range of Super Nature Products is as follows: "for everyone”.  
Starting with the very effective small 100 ml Winter Syrup to the strong 500 ml Panax Ginseng Extractum, and from the very simple Omega 3 to the highly qualitative, more sophisticated Salmon Oil Omega 3, enriched with Vitamin K2-Mena Q7™, Vitamin D3, and Vitamin E, there is a huge range of possibilities, all available with Super Nature Products.
Your body is important; you've only got one, remember to take good care of it, for example by taking products of Super Nature Products!
Prices start from € 6,50- up to € 595,-
However, it should be mentioned that many products represent several products into one, and present this way a very important economic advantage.
This advantage is especially interesting with the Packages and the products of the Packages. 

Why choose for Super Nature Products or what is the meaning of Super Nature Products?

“Each one knows best his own experiences”, is in application as well in life as with the products of Super Nature Products.
The supplements of Super Nature Products are more than orthomolecular bio-energetic supplements; they represent the ideal tool for the man who believes in the constructive and restorative power of his own body.

As in life, one really understands just what he has experienced personally, our own experiences teach us a lot, the use of the Super Nature Products’ products itself make you understand better the profit of these products in your situation and what all the fans of the Super Nature Products’ products already explain.
Super Nature Products’ products are bio-energetic and orthomolecular and they represent the ideal tool for people who believe in constructive and restorative power of his own body.

We do not compete with commonly available products that contain only 1-5% of active ingredients and 95% of cheap and often dangerous “Fillers” and synthetic ingredients such as brown rice or caffeine powder. >see: Pure

Super Nature Products donates 10 % of the profit of each package to charity.


All our products are manufactured in the European Union safely controlled  by ISO: 22000:2005



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