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Prebiotic Inulin FOS

Prebiotic Inulin FOS

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Product description

Prebiotic Inulin FOS
  • To maintain the balance of the intestinal flora
  • Contributes to the health of the digestive system
  • Strengthens the resistance of the organism
  • Helps to strengthen the natural immune system
Prebiotic Inulin FOS powder provides nutritional support for the intestines by stimulating the growth of healthy probiotics.
When we ingest FOS (fructooligosaccharides), these are not digested by our body, but rather by the good bacteria that naturally colonize the intestinal tract.
This is how digestive well-being is promoted.
Inulin is a prebiotic fiber that can be taken in the form of powder dissolved in a glass of water.
The body does not digest inulin so that it reaches the colon intact, where it can be used by the microflora.
Inulin has been shown to stimulate the growth of bifidobacteria.
Bifidobacteria are gram-positive bacteria that can reduce glucose to lactic acid and acetic acid by means of a complex metabolic process and thus generate energy.
The best known effect of bifidobacteria is the influence of feces, which makes it smoother, resulting in a more regular and smooth bowel movement.
In this way, constipation can be prevented and the intestines can settle down.
This vegetarian inulin powder is derived from the chicory root and has a sweet taste and fits easily in any beverage, shake or smoothie.
Inulin powder can even be added to breakfast cereals or yogurt for easy daily use! Enjoy one (1) teaspoon twice a day for optimal nutritional support.
Content: 1000 g
Ingredient: 100% pure inulin (FOS)
PURE:no fillers or additives.
Mix 1 tea spoon (3g) powder twice a day with water, fruit juice or yogurt.
If flatulence, bloating or diarrhea occurs, then reduce the dose.

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