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Physalis Pure

Physalis Pure

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Product description

Herbal preparation

Physalis or Inca berries, the antioxidant and protein-rich fruit.

The Latin name is physalis peruviana, but why that name was chosen is still unclear.

In Dutch it is called Lampionplant. Which makes sense.
Other names include: Aztec berry, Peruvian cherry, Chinese gooseberry, Indian gooseberry, ribes gooseberry, cape gooseberry, giant ground berry, golden berry, aguaymanto, uchuva, uvilla, pok pok, poha, rashbari, and variety. All those names were analyzed from the region of their origin, especially Colombia, Peru, Ecuador and Chile.

The berry has an exceptionally long shelf life, 30 to 45 days at room temperature. Which is very exceptional for berries. They can even be stored for up to 60 days in the refrigerator. Originally this berry is a tropical plant and was sold as a regular food in local markets for many years. Meanwhile, the Inca berry is conquering the whole world, and is grown and sold in numerous countries, South Africa, Jamaica, India, Turkey, Egypt, China and so on. She owes her great success to her double, not to be underestimated, quality, because she is not only tasty but also very healthy.

The health benefits of the physalis extract:

  • Contains more protein than the known acai berry.
  • Contains pectin, a heteropolysaccharide, such as aloe vera and medicinal mushrooms (Polysaccharides are the strongest immune system supporting substances and have a positive effect on the blood sugar level in the body.)
  • Contains Bio flavonoids, also known as Vitamin P, which helps absorb Vitamin C in our body. Both excellent antioxidants.
  • Contains high doses of Vitamin A, B1, B2, B6, B12 and C.
  • Contains a high dose of phosphorus.
  • Is a good diuretic, has a purifying effect on the blood and is beneficial for digestion.
  • Due to the large number of fibers, it can be a good help for weight loss.

Content: 60 capsules.

Main ingredient: per capsule 500 mg physalis extract (Physalis-Peruviana).

Is a pure formula with only one ingredient.

Ingredient: gelatin capsule.(bovine)

PURE:no fillers or additives.

Use: 1 to 3 capsule (s) per day.

Minimum intake: we recommend 3 months, 60 capsules is enough for approx 30 days.

Absolutely free from: yeast, lactose, sugar, preservatives and synthetic colors, aromas and flavors.

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