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Para - Tincture® 50 ml

Para - Tincture®  50 ml

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Herbal preparation

The Para-tincture® promotes a good balance between good and bad bacteria in the intestine.

Absolute guarantee of only 100% natural ingredients in the NHP Para-tincture® ! 

Why take Para-tincture® of NATURAL HEALING PRODUCTS?

This product has great positive influence on human health due to the choice and the respective amounts of the used ingredients on the one hand and their enhanced action on the other.
A real strong influence reinforcing the immune system.


By reducing and eliminating the bad influences of other elements present in the body.

The important question is: what attacks our immune system?
Or: where and why do we need protection?
Obviously we need to examine this question, because the stress of modern life is so heavy that only persons with a very strong immune system have a chance to stay healthy.

To ensure a permanent optimal condition of our intestines, we do need an excellent intestinal flora.
But microorganisms live there, named bacteria.
Mostly, we have good bacteria.
But to eliminate the parasites, their greatest enemy, in a natural way, we just have to take the Para-tincture® of Natural Healing Products.
A powerful weapon against this often underestimated  danger.

To whom do we recommend the Para-tincture® of NATURAL HEALING PRODUCTS?

  • To all the people with pets, as preventative, all pets carry parasites that for humans at all times actually may be dangerous.
  • To all the people that are busy in a positive way with their health, and occasionally want to follow a Para-tincture®-cure in order to avoid and prevent any health problems.
  • To all the people with any kind of intestinal problems:
  1. constipation
  2. diarrhea
  3. irregular bowel movements
  • To all the people that after much effort to be healthy still suffer with certain unresolved health problems.
  • To all the people who have problems with their health and have not yet followed this cure.
  • To all the people who eat regularly food giving easily parasites, such as raw or undercooked meat. 
  • To all those persons who visit unhygienic areas during their vacation or travel. 

The Para-tincture® of NHP is also excellent for pets and horses to free them from their parasites, and to let them enjoy a happy longevity without health problems

Contents: 50 ml.

Main ingredients: juglans nigra, zizania cacudifera, vitamin C.

RI*: Vitamin C = 20%.
*RI = Reference Intake per teaspoon.

Other ingredients:
excipients: natural grain alcohol, purified water, 


* pre-emptive: monthly 1 teaspoon.
* curative: ask your treating doctor / therapist.

Absolutely free of:  yeast, lactose, sugar, preservatives, synthetic colors, flavors and fragrances.

Do not use in pregnancy (or desire) and breastfeeding.

This product is a nutritional supplement. Do not exceed recommended dosage. A varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle are important. A nutritional supplement is no substitute for a varied diet. Keep out of reach of young children. Dry, sealed and stored at room temperature, unless otherwise advised on the label. Consult an expert before taking supplements in case of pregnancy, lactation, medication and disease. All information on this website is only for informative purposes. It does not replace the advice of your own doctor or specialist. The information on this website is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.




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