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Lavender Essential oil

Lavender Essential oil

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Essential oil
SNP Lavender oil has a stimulating effect and can be used for many purposes.
The pure ethereal lavender oil stimulates the night's rest.
This hardy evergreen shrub grows about 1 meter long in warm areas such as Spain and France.
The plant produces blue-gray flowers that grow up from woody branches.
A favorite in cosmetics and toiletries, it has even been used as a useful, natural tool to keep nasty insects at bay.
Pure and clean, this versatile herb is widely used since the Babylonian era.
Content: 30 ml.
Main ingredient: lavender oil (Lavandula officinalis)
PURE: no fillers or additives.
Use: enjoy the benefits of pure essential oil for massage or in your bath.
For massage, dilute with a recommended amount of 5 drops of essential oil with 10 ml massage base oil.
Relaxing bath: add 3 to 10 drops to the bath.
Massage: Mix 5 drops with 10 ml base oil, eg almond oil.
Do not use on babies and small children.



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