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Green-Lipped Mussel complex pure

Green-Lipped Mussel complex pure

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Product description

Minerals - Amino acid - Protein - Herbal preparation
  • good for the joints
  • to move smoothly
  • support for the airways
No less than 6 products in one:
* Green-lipped mussel extract * Boswelia extract * Turmeric * Glucosamine * Collagen * Ginger
The green-lipped mussel belongs to the best natural sources of omega-3 fatty acids, glycosaminoglycans, glucosamine, chondroitin and amino acids and also contains minerals and vitamins.
Immediately after harvesting, the green-lipped mussels are dried at low temperatures using special techniques. Through this unique process, natural sources such as proteins, glycosaminoglycans, omega-3 fatty acids remain in the powder and you can take full advantage of the natural strength of green-lipped mussel extract.
Boswellia extract has been prescribed in Ayurveda for a long time to support the joints.
Turmeric (Curcuma Longa) is one of the most important herbs and is also called Yellow root in the Netherlands.
It is responsible for the color in curry and mustard.
In India it has been used for centuries for supple joints and for bowel function.
Turmeric is a powerful antioxidant.
Glucosamine is a naturally occurring amino sugar.
Although glucosamine occurs in almost all body tissues, the highest concentrations are still found in cartilage, tendons and ligaments.
Collagen: (from the Greek κολλαω = ??binding together) is a glue-forming protein that forms a very important part of the connective tissue in the body of people and animals.
When one considers that 70% of the skin connective tissue consists of collagen, and decreases from the age of 25, it is not difficult to understand that collagen intake makes the skin younger!
Ginger can also be used to promote blood circulation in the body, for example with cold hands and feet.
Contents: 60 capsules.
Main ingredients: 650 mg green lipped mussel extract, boswellia extract, turmeric, glucosamine, collagen, ginger extract per capsule.
Ingredient: gelatin capsule.
PURE:no fillers or additives.
Use: 1 to 2 capsule (s) per day with meals
Minimum intake: we recommend 3 months, 60 capsules is enough for about 30 days.
Absolutely free of: yeast, lactose, sugar, preservatives and synthetic fragrances, colors and flavors.
Caution! Allergens: contains molluscs.

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