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EGCG+ weight control Pure

EGCG+ weight control Pure

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Product description

Herbal preparation

This is also the latest development in weight loss to lose weight quickly and healthily. *

As an antioxidant, it strongly combats the formation of free radicals *
Promotes the metabolism of fats and supports weight loss *
Gives more physical and mental energy *
Supports circulation *
Improves memory and ability to concentrate *
Promotes metabolism *
Reduces the storage of fats and carbohydrates *
Increases fat burning *
Reduces hunger *

* These health claims made on the basis of plant-based ingredients are being processed by EFSA.

Green tea:

The green tea plant is known as a beneficial plant.
After water, green tea is the most drunk beverage in the world.
Green tea is mainly drunk in Asian countries to promote health.
The green tea leaves are rich in polyphenols, these are natural antioxidants.
Green tea is really the supplement for maintaining good health.
Thanks to the green tea you feel fitter and you enjoy a greater endurance.
Green tea also provides fresh breath and improves the condition of the gums.

Green coffee:

The green coffee bean extract is a pure extract from the coffee bean as it is picked in the plantations before it is roasted and the coffee acquires the only known shape.
A coffee bean in its natural state is therefore green!
And in that natural state, the coffee bean still contains its Chlorogenic Acid, an extremely powerful antioxidant.
Green coffee bean, this natural ingredient supports energy management and has a positive influence on fat burning.


The indigenous people of the Amazon in South America have been using the seeds of the Guarana plant for centuries mainly as an energy boost and because it helps to make the stools thicker.
The Guarana berries are picked manually.
The berries are then slightly fermented for a few days, after which they are stripped of the flesh.
The seeds are then roasted dry.


Is an amino acid that provides energy for the heart and muscles.
Is a top product for the conversion of fats into muscle mass.
L-Carnitine is mainly produced in the liver from the amino acids Lysine and methionine and then stored in the skeletal muscles, heart and brain.


This nutrient has long been cherished because of its absorption-enhancing properties. Although the mechanisms of its functioning are still being studied, it is generally accepted that this substance acts as a thermonutrient in the gastrointestinal tract.
This increases the bioavailability of certain vitamins, minerals and nutrients, making it easier for the body to absorb them.

Content: 60 capsules.

Main ingredients: per capsule 500 mg green tea extract (99% polyphenols, 80% catechins, 50% EGCG), green coffee extract (45% chlorogenic acid), L-carnitine, guarana extract (24% caffeine), bioperine.

Ingredient: gelatin capsule.

PURE: no fillers or additives.

Use: 1 capsule half an hour before midday and evening meal.

Minimum intake: we recommend 3 months, 60 capsules is enough for about 30 days.

Absolutely free of: yeast, lactose, sugar, preservatives and synthetic colors, flavors and fragrances.

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